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     Guide - Skills, Experience and Level

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    PostSubject: Guide - Skills, Experience and Level   Guide - Skills, Experience and Level EmptySat Mar 14, 2009 10:17 am

    Guide - Skills

    First of all, what is a skill? A skill is exactly what it sounds like. To have skills in something, means your character will be able to do that something better then average people.
    For example, to have skills on making a trap, or to be able to handle a sword.

    Knowledge Skills

    Now, you all know that there are three ways for a ninja to fight. These are, Taijutsu, Ninjutsu and Genjutsu. You should know the details of each and if not, just ask around the forum or simply watch the anime!
    These three ways of fighting are skills as well in this forum, and are called the "Knowledge Skills".

    Each level of this skills will cost the following Knowledge Skill Points (KSP):

    The KSP will be given by level and rank. However that will be explained a little bit later in the guide...

    To upgrade the Knowledge skills you need simply to post what skill you want to improve and the KSP's you pay up to do it. No RPG is needed for this transaction.

    Ability Skills

    Each ninja is good at something. Some ninjas are fast, others strong, some use their summons to fight for them while others use the power of their puppets.
    In the Blind Faith RPG Forum, these are called Ability Skills and like the Knowledge Skills, they have levels of mastery.

    Each level will cost the following Ability Skill Points (ASP):

    Each Ninja rank will have a limit of skills one can use. The limit's are the following:

    Guide PT2 - Experience and Level

    And this is where experience and level come in.

    There are many ways to gain experience:
    • Missions
    • Fighting
    • Great Deeds (Invention, Killing a kage, becoming a sannin etc.)
    • Wars
    • Training and Sparing

    You are probably wondering what is experience... well experience works exactly the same as in any real game. Your character gradually gains it by different means, and once he has a certain amount, he levels up. And this is where experience and levels start to matter. Levels give you many different things, advantages that is.

    This is what you gain every time you level up:

    • With every level, you gain 5 additional chakra
    • Every 5 levels, you can learn one jutsu that you want, without having to spend your experience

    As you're reading through this, you probably just realised what I said. Yes - you spend your experience on jutsu. Since there is a limit on how big your level can be, there are many strategies you can use. You could buy your jutsu first, so that you don't have to buy them it the future, or you can do it the other way around. That depends on only you.

    You are still probably doubting the idea. My guess that you're thinking - how in the world are we supposed to learn a Skill on level 2, with just 1 point per 2 levels. Well don't be afraid. Every rank has base KSP and base ASP. That means that whatever you gain through your level is merely added to that base.

    The Base for KSP are:

    Finally, each Ninja Rank will only be able to achieve a certain amount of ASP:

    The ASP gain, like the KSP, is automatic when you rank up.
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    Guide - Skills, Experience and Level
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