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     Breakfast with ramen!

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    PostSubject: Breakfast with ramen!   Thu Apr 30, 2009 2:25 am

    It was quite early in the morning when Akiko rushed to the Ramen shop on such a day. The shop didnt open yet so Akiko knocked the door violently. The door still closed. Akiko knocked again, aimed to waken every1 up. A few mins later, the door was opened by a woman. Akiko asked 4a big bowl of ramen immediately. The woman walked towards the kitchen, put on her apron n started to make Akiko's ramen. The woman did it slowly n not forgetting to grumble bout Akiko. "Could u do it faster, im in a hurry"-Akiko sat down on a chair, saying outloud. After long time waitin, a bowl of ramen was set on the table. Quick enough, Akiko eated the ramen up, she paid the money then left...."Ooh la la. ooh la la, my stomach is filled up with ramen now....Ooh la la, ooh la la...."-Akiko sang randomly on her way to the training place...
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    Breakfast with ramen!
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