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     Kamui's Training Journal (Do Not Lock)

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    PostSubject: Kamui's Training Journal (Do Not Lock)   Kamui's Training Journal (Do Not Lock) EmptyWed Apr 15, 2009 7:06 am

    Day 1:
    A new day had come. I packed up all the things I need for my first day of training: my Serpentwine, a pack of wooden flats, and the pockets on my trousers. I walked out of my house and trailed down the road to the outside of Konoha Village. I kept walking until I found my ideal place for training. I was amazed by what I saw- a valley filled with tall grasses and ancient trees. Behind all of those was a big waterfall.
    "Let's settle down!" I said with a confident voice that I'm still wondering why it only happens for some times. Anyway, I put all my stuffs down and planned what I will do today. First, I thought about practising my skills with kunais and shrurikens." But where can I find dummies?" I thought to myself then I came up with an idea.
    "Let's give it a try." I said as I started to concentrate all my chakra circulates in my hands and pushed the air as I'm influenced with wind. A small wind passed by and only helped the wooden flats to flew into the air in a short time and also made the leaves moved and created jingling sounds, for a seconds, it sounded like a rhymth of someone who encouraged me to try again.
    And of course, I tried. Once, Twice, 3 times and... 10 times. It was no use.
    I was in a rage, but I knew that rage helps nothing so I began ti think about the technique I had just used. Then I realize that only pushed the air wouldn't cut the wooden flats into dummies so I stood up and tried to do it again. This time, I used the same technique but added to it some decisive cutting moves. At last, the dummies appear but they looked hideous. Well, that was the first time. "This jutsu may be helpful on the way" I thought, "I'd better remembered for better practises".
    I 'd learnt:
    Wind Release: Moves of the Sculptor
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Rank: E
    A jutsu in which the user can use the movement of the air and sharpen air into knipes that are used to sculpt or cut materials. Unable t uses upon creatures.

    The kunais and shrurikens throwing practise went well and I did improve slightly my accuracy as I could shoot 25 dummies over 35.
    I practised the throwing for over 1 hour and 30 minutes and then I took a rest by walking down the roads in the forest. I passed many area which I had never seen ever since I've been here, Kohonagakure. I tried to remembered the entangled net of roads because in my opinion, it will come handy in battles outside the Village. As my remembering skills is excellent for I read books alot, it wasn't hard to remember all of those.
    After 15 minutes enjoying myself, I walked back. I started to remembered all my history lessons and I came across the Senjutsu.
    Flashback: Senjutsu, (仙術, Hermit Techniques or Sage Techniques) refers to the user's chakra created from spiritual and physical energy within the shinobi as well as energy from nature. This drastically increases the strength of all ninjutsu, genjustu, and taijutsu and enables the user to enter a powered state called Sage Mode. To learn Senjutsu, one must first learn to draw in the natural energy around them by remaining perfectly still. By stopping their own flow as a creature, they will begin to harmonize with the flow of nature. After feeling the flow, one must then learn to balance the external natural energy with their own chakra. Once this balance is achieved, they will enter a state called Hermit Mode, allowing them to use Senjutsu.

    The fastest method of learning to balance the three energies is applying the Secret Toad's Oil from the Myobokuzan Mountain onto one's skin. It can help the user feel the natural energy around them before they learn to remain perfectly still. However, there is a great risk in implementing the oil and drawing in natural energy. If one draws in too little, Hermit Mode cannot be achieved. If one draws in too much, they will turn into a toad. If one attempts to continue the senjutsu training and fails, they will turn into solid stone. They essentially become a part of nature. Furthermore, moving while drawing in natural energy causes an uncontrollable inflow of natural energy, thus initiating the Toad Transformation as well.

    " I have always want to achieve that Sage Mode," I excitingly spoke to myself "How about giving it a try, even though I may not achieve it but it also teaches me to be patient."
    So, I spent 45 minutes to stay perfectly still. It was really annoying when the wind passed through and sounds of the animals resounding in my head but I couldn't do anythng. I nearly gave it up. My body was shaking wildly, my heart was bumping fast that I thought it may dropped out. "Hey, Kamui" I, again thought to myself " You have come this far, 30 minutes of your life, which is unreturnable, keep trying for more.
    I felt something... It was tickling. I, still sitting perfectly still, slowly opened my eyes, there was nothing. "But then, which makes me feel so tickling...until now!" I was shocked. It was the natural energy itself, but it couldn't entered me and followed the flow of my own chakra. " It must be because I didn't let loose of my body," I kept thinking "I wasn't flexible. True, but I will try to do some exercises to loosing up myself later, after this training".
    45 minutes were over. I stood up again and packed things up. But I didn't go straight away. I took a nap after that.
    When I opened my eyes, it was already sunset. I jumped up and carried the packs on my shoulders. Slowly, I walked back to the Konoha Village, sensing something was changing in my body, in the shadows of the trees...
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    Kamui's Training Journal (Do Not Lock)
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