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     Rules - General RPG Rules

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    PostSubject: Rules - General RPG Rules   Rules - General RPG Rules EmptySat Mar 14, 2009 8:52 am

    Rules - General RPG Rules

    Since this is an RPG, there are some rules to be followed when participating in one. The rules are the following.

    1. There is a word minimum of 60 words when posting anything in an RPG. It might sound too much, but you'll see it is actually easier than it sounds. Use this link to count your words: Word Counter

    2. Make sure you are allowed to enter a topic. For example, if you are from Konoha, why would you be in an RPG topic in Suna? Unless you are traveling or you are one attacking ninja or performing a mission of some sort, that wouldn't made sense at all.
      Also, even in an RPG in your village, send a pm message to the topic creator, asking if you can join.

    3. Any mission should be performed in the "RP outside/inside village" Forum of the village were the action is supposed to occur. For that, you should remember on which country the villages are.

    4. Do not post in RPGs before your character, jutsus, weapons, etc are approved. The approving sections are there for a reason.

    5. You can only participate in one RPG section at once. This is supposed to be real so, you can't really be in two places at once. You can, however, be in an RPG and in training at the same time. But, you can't be in an RPG and in a reunion with your Kage or team members.

    6. Changing character is allowed, but with a few conditions:

      6.1. First, you must make a request topic in Request Forum explaining what happened to him/her. You can also use battles against other members on which you die (See rule 12).

      6.2. Your current char must be at least 2 months old (1 year in game play). Your character's rank will be reduced by 1 (Chuunin to Genin, Jounin to Chuunin...) when creating your new char. Kages will become Jounins instead of Sannins.

      Note: If you are only a moderator because of your Kage position, you will lose the moderator title if you quit the job.

    7. Changing villages is allowed but only in a few conditions:

      7.1. You must make a request to your Kage and to an admin first, telling the reason of your decision. This might or might not be accepted.

      7.2. Your village (Kage and other members) must be inactive at least two weeks before changing.

      7.3. Creating a new char (See rule 6).

    8. Changing one's bloodline is allowed, but with a few conditions:

      8.1 You must make a request in the Request Forum and wait for an Admin to approve or disapprove it.

      8.2 If from a non-kg nin, you want to have a kg, then you have to make a new character (See rule 6). This is so no one changes their bloodline every PHUCKING time.

      8.3 If from a kg-nin, you want to remove your kg, then you just have to make a request.

    9. Do not show up on an RP topic to make an "off topic" post. Pm the member if you have to tell him anything about the topic.

    10. Make sure your posts are readable. Use correct words instead of abbreviations (except for game terms), and make sure your sentences are well built. If you see any mistakes (even in my posts) please send a pm explaining the mistake, so that it won’t happen again. Don't forget that this is supposed to be an international forum, and not everyone has english as their native language.

    11. When creating an account, please make sure your username is the same as your character's name. If not, the admin will change it to be equal to your char. This will avoid confusion when trying to identify chars.

    12. Time is important in an RPG. Every 2 months represent a year. Make sure you update your character's age.

    13. Last but not least. Death. Every battle on this forum will have a risk of dying from a D rank mission to a high level battle. If you die, your character will disappear for good. That means all your former jutsu and skills and anything gained until then will disappear and that you will have to start with a new character. The character will have to be one rank lower of your previous rank (lower is also allowed). You will have a restriction of 2 days on which you cannot participate in any rpg event, not even training nor getting jutsus or other stuff. In case of you dying without respecting rule 6, you will be a genin, independently of you previous rank. However, this can be avoided with a request. If we see that you did everything possible to keep living (and not just used the chance to create a new char) it will be approved.

    14. There is a difference between OOC(Out of Character) and IC(In Character.) Respect that. You, who looked at some other ninja's topic where he was preparing to invade your village, does NOT mean your character knows that. Now, obvious things such as say, a house on fire gives you reasonable excuse to say you've noticed it or someone told you, however, having random ability to know stuff that didn't even happen near you, much less appear there and instantly know whats going on, is not. Incorrect use of OOC Info IC is considered godmod, and may result in mod kills.

    Any violation of these rules will result on a warning. A few warnings and you will receive a temporary ban.

    Note: These rules may be updated at every time so, make sure you check them once in awhile.
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    Rules - General RPG Rules
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