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     Guide - Jutsu and Chakra

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    PostSubject: Guide - Jutsu and Chakra   Guide - Jutsu and Chakra EmptySat Mar 14, 2009 8:46 am

    Guide - Jutsu and Chakra

    In order to have victories on one's opponent, ninjas have developed a variety of jutsus (literally techniques) which help them defeat any opponent. In order to perform a jutsu, a ninja must first perform the necessary hand seals for a specific jutsu and to mold the correct amount of chakra, depending on the jutsu rank.

    Jutsus have the following types:


    Also, Jutsus have the following ranks:


    There are a few things that you should know when learning jutsu:

    To learn jutsu, you will need Experience. If you posses the required experience, you don't have to role-play for the jutsu, however if you haven't got enough experience, you will need to create a topic in which you learn how to use the jutsu. The more experience you need, the longer the story shall be.

    As a ninja grows up, its power grows as well. The following ninja ranks have the following amount of chakra points:


    In order to perform jutsus of certain ranks, one must use the following amount of chakra:


    There is a variation on the chakra cost. This variation is due to the rank of the ninja and to the nature of the jutsu.

    For example, a rank C jutsu could cost only 8 of chakra to a Chuunin while a Genin should use 12. Also, a user of an element, lets say fire, should use less chakra in a fire jutsu than, for example, a lightning user.

    Also, there are no exceptions of costs for Kekkei Genkais. A Kekkei Genkai of rank C will cost between 8 to 12 and that's that.

    Jutsus with a long period of usage (like dojutsus such as Sharingan and Byakugan) should have a chakra cost of 1 per post plus the chakra cost of the jutsu activation.

    Summoning will also have a continuous chakra cost of 0.5 each post (1 Chakra in 2 posts). Also, every jutsu the summoning performs will use your chakra.

    Finally, when fighting, don't forget of putting your current chakra and chakra limit.

    Ex: 43/60 (For a Chuunin)

    Remember this when performing jutsus in battles.

    Since any gennin could technically perform a S rank, there are limits to what type, and how many jutsu can you have!
    These are the limits:

    • Gennin/E Rank Criminal will be limited to only learning D and 3C
    • High Gennin/D Rank Criminal will be limited to only learning D and 5C
    • Chuunin/C Rank Criminal will be limited to D,C and 3B
    • Special Jounin/B Rank Criminal will be limited to D,C,5B
    • Jounin will be limited to D,C,B and 6A
    • ANBU/A Rank Criminal will be limited to D,C,B and 8A
    • Sannin/S Rank Criminal will be limited to D,C,B, 8A and 2S
    • Kage will be limited to D,C,B, 10 A and 3S

    NOTE: Criminals will have a limit based on how much experience they have. Hence, experience will be harder to gain for them.

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    Guide - Jutsu and Chakra
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