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     Guide - Ranks

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    PostSubject: Guide - Ranks   Guide - Ranks EmptySat Mar 14, 2009 8:33 am

    Guide - Ranks

    As a ninja, you will have different ranks, as a result of your skills. The ranks are the following:

    • Academy Student - When you still didn’t make your character this is your rank. You’re still studying and taking classes. However, when your profile is accepted, and your role-playing acknowledged, you rank up. It’s a low level rank, you aren’t still a ninja.

    • Genin/ E Criminal – When you graduate from academy, you become the lowest level-ninja there is, which is Genin. You get a team that is commanded by a Jounin (or by the next thing better in case there isn't one). You also get more two Genins in your team that are learning with you. You receive a headband when you reach this level. Genins also tend to be between 9 and 13 when they graduate (Have this in mind when you create your character).
      - 55 Chakra

    • High Genin/ D Criminal – This is a bit more than Genin. When you fail the Chuunin Exam you get this rank. Someone at this level is stronger than a normal Genin, and may have some more jutsus. You are still with a Jounin and your team mates tough.
      - 65 Chakra

    • Chuunin/ C Criminal – After you pass the Chuunin exam you get this rank. These ninjas level are medium-rank ninjas. They get a special coat from their village; every coat is different from village to village. They will also do dangerous missions and maybe a few can teach at the academy.
      - 80 Chakra

    • Special Jounin/ B Criminal - Some Chuunins are exceptional ninjas, but don't have a high enough level to become a Jounin or simply they are good at only one thing specifically (but are very good at it). This makes them Special Jounins. Usually, people who don't become Jounin in the normal time get this rank.
      - 85 Chakra

    • Jounin / A Criminal - When you pass the Jounin exam you reach this level. It’s a high level of a ninja. You get to be recognized and you get a team of Genins, precisely three or more. You will also get a bit more of strength and higher rank missions.
      - 100 Chakra

    • ANBU– You can only achieve this rank when you’re promoted. The only person that can promote you is the Kage. You’re still a Jounin; however, you will get a mask and a proper suit. You will also get a loyalty tattoo. You will do more dangerous missions and you will act as a guard to your village and Kage.
      - 100 Chakra

    • Sannin/ S Criminal – The golden guard. You can only be promoted to Sannin by your Kage. There can only be three in the village and their all high rank ninjas. The Sannins are a group of people who studied under the Kages teaching’s and achieved full strength. A ninja of this rank is almost as powerful as a Kage. They normally live outside villages, they are wanderer’s.
      - 135 Chakra

    • Kage / S Criminal– The ultimate rank. There are only five Kages in the world. Hokage, Kazekage, Raikage, Tsuchikage and Mizukage. All of them are the best in their village and one of the best’s in the all world. They completely dominate the ninja skills and have a high responsibility of their village. They organize all from minor event’s to mission’s. They almost never leave the village.
      - 135 Chakra
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    Guide - Ranks
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