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     Guide - Fighting

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    PostSubject: Guide - Fighting   Guide - Fighting EmptySat Mar 14, 2009 8:28 am

    Guide - Fighting

    1. If you are the topic creator, make sure you
      describe the space you're located. Any trees, rivers or lakes, windy or
      dry weather, grass or dirt kind of ground and any other thing you might
      remember to describe it.

    2. Always make sure you describe your
      location in the area and what direction does the objects around you
      are. This will help your opponent to visualize the scenario and to make
      a better post himself.

    3. When moving around, make sure you describe how fast you are moving, from were to were you moved and the way you moved.

    4. Be sure to use all of the previous rules to make a good and creative post.

      Ex: John throws a shuriken at Matt.

      Cool huh... so what's the excitement about it? NONE! This sucks! Instead, try to put it like this:

      Ex: John
      quickly grabs a shuriken from his pocket and with a swift and move he
      throws it at Matt with great speed, praying that it would hit it's

      Instead of half a line, we now have two. You can
      almost feel the air of the shuriken passing through! This is a good

      Ex2: Jason dodged left to avoid the shuriken
      that was flying in his direction, right before he jumped to a tree
      nearby, gaining some distance from his opponent in the ground in order
      to perform his jutsu.

    5. While fighting, if you are not
      attacking you are being attacked. As such, there are 3 ways of
      responding to an attack from your opponent.
      a) Defence or Dodge.
      b) Counter Move (May follow a Defence or Dodge).
      c) Take the Hit and try to recover (Or be a suicide guy and counter after).

      Just remember that, the more risky the move is the worst the consequences may be. Remember, keep it real.

    6. You are not Super Man, therefore you will be hit. Do not fall under the
      belief that you can dodge or defend everything. If your opponent
      performs a good attack that you find interesting or hard to dodge in
      real life, let at least some damage get through you. It will get the
      match more interesting and more realistic as well.

    7. IF
      for some reason you have to go away and you are in a middle of a battle
      contact your opponent or one enemy the reason why and the battle will
      be suspended. Because if you don't post on the battle in a period of 3
      days you will be automatically MOD-KILLED.

    8. 8. We have many people interfering with battles, that they're not involved with, in anyway. And I don't mean spam, but actually joining in even if unwanted. So firstly, ask! Don't storm in, but simply ask the one that made the topic, if he could allow you to join in (ask through PM). If he says yes, then sure. But if he says no, don't go around being annoying and bugging him! Just leave him alone - it's his choice.
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    Guide - Fighting
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