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     The Leaf Village Forest

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    Raitaki Uchiha
    Raitaki Uchiha

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    PostSubject: The Leaf Village Forest   Thu Mar 26, 2009 3:51 am

    The Leaf Village Forest. Is big and has a lot of trees. The training ground is also in it. It is also Raitaki's favorite training place.

    Once every few days, Raitaki trains his evasion here. Every evening, he comes to a portion of the forest which few passes by, and sets traps with special thin threads that is nearly invisible without the moonlight. When the threads are touched, it will activate the trap, and many dangerous projectiles like shuriken, kunai, senbon. These traps aren't for trapping people, but for his training purpose. These traps are set along the way from the village to near the Valley of the End then come back. Raitaki named this the "Hazard Course".

    Raitaki walks to the "Hazard Course" entrance. He looks in the forest, where he will commence his training. He inhales a deep breath, then jumps on a tree and goes deep into the forest. He takes out his kunai and looks around as he is continuing. Suddenly, projectiles keep shooting from all directions at him. He tries to dodge them, block them with his kunai, and catch them with his free hand. However, sometimes he still gets a few hits from the projectiles. He continues towards the Valley of the End dodging and blocking the projectiles. Then no more projectiles fly at him. He stops, looks at the direction of his village, inhales a deep breath, wipes blood out of his face and jumps toward the village. His body is covered in scratches and stabs with a few senbon on it. Much more projectiles then last time is shot at him.

    Later. Raitaki jumps out of the forest and lands on the ground. As he do so, his legs let out a crack. His body is now full of scratches and injuries, and has several projectiles on his back and chest. "Argh..... I can't keep on like this......... or I'll become the routine patient of the Konoha hospital......" He slowly walks towards the hospital. His mind thinks different than his words. As the midday sunlight shines on him, he wonders what are his cousins doing.
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    PostSubject: Re: The Leaf Village Forest   Thu Mar 26, 2009 12:43 pm

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    The Leaf Village Forest
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