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     Guide - Missions and Travelling

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    PostSubject: Guide - Missions and Travelling   Guide - Missions and Travelling EmptySat Mar 14, 2009 7:16 am

    Missions and Travelling

    You are a ninja. There for, your Kage will assign missions to you. Being successful on completing missions will make your village stronger to other village's eyes.

    Missions can have the following basis:

    The first type is missions with NPC's (Non Playable Character) made up by the persons performing the mission, or even by the Kage or any other person assigned to be playing the NPC's as an admin or mod. The players should describe everything that surrounds them every time they change space locations and they would fight normally. The second type is against other players, on which case, you just have to worry about doing your side of the role playing.

    The main purpouse of the missions is obviously to gain Jutsu Points in order to achieve new jutsus. Also, this will help you to develop your creativity and interaction with the world around you. It will also help you to learn good teamwork and to train for certain tests of the exam and makes good stories for the RPG that can be applied for other purposes, such as request topics.

    Note: Read "Guide - Fighting" for this effect.

    Mission Ranks

    Missions have different difficulties and should be assigned to the proper ninjas with the correct rank.


    How to begin a mission

    1. First, the Kage will create a topic in the village's "Mission" section, explaining the mission. The topic's title should be something like:

    Ex: Rank D Mission 2 - Team 2

    First, the rank of the mission, then the total number of missions of that rank in a village (Team 2 could do the mission 2 and then Team 1 would do the Mission 3, for example), and finally, the team (or players) on which the mission is assigned.

    2. A team member, better if it is the team's Sensei, must post in order to accept the mission. It isn't necessary that everyone post.

    3. The topic of the mission itself should be in one of the "RP Inside/Outside Village" forum, depending on it's location. Mission location can be inside or outside the village, depending on the rank. They can be inside and outside the village:

    3.1. If the mission is inside the village, the topic will be posted in the "RP Inside/Outside Village" forum of that village and the topic name should be something like:

    Ex: Rank D Mission 2 (Inside)

    You don't need to put the name of the Team doing the mission.

    3.2. If the mission is outside the village, the topic name will be the same of the example above, except instead of having "(Inside)", it will have the location between ( ). Don't forget that the first post must be at the village gate, were all team members are leaving.

    3.2.1. If it is the case that the mission is not on the village's country, there should be a post in the village's "RP Inside/Outside Village" section, were everyone should be at the village gate, getting ready to leave to the other country. Obviously, everyone involved on the mission must post here before moving on.

    4. After the mission is complete, one member must post on the topic where they are leaving the village for the mission, and telling that the Team has returned.

    5. Finally, report back at the Kage in the topic were the mission was assigned in the first place. The sensei should do this, but any other member can do the job.

    Travelling for other reasons

    Travelling requires time. Travelling to some places take more time that to others.

    If you need to go somewhere in your village country, go ahead!
    Although, if you need to travel to some other country or village, you must wait half a day (12 hours) more or less, from the time were you make your post in "your village gate" and the time were you create the post in another village's "RP Inside/Outside Village" Forum.

    Also, before travelling to other countries, you must make a topic on the Kages Office, requesting to leave the village, and explaining your motives. The Kage may allow this or not. If you leave the village without permission, you will be considered a fugitive and will be hunted down. Obviously this isn't required if the Kage himself gives you the order.
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    Guide - Missions and Travelling
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