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     Guide - War Procedures

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    Guide - War Procedures

    http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/war wrote:

    War - A conflict involving the organized use of arms and physical force between countries or other large-scale armed groups. The warring parties hold territory, which they can win or lose; and each has a leading person or organization which can surrender, or collapse, thus ending the war.

    [ Objectives ]

    X - To wage war on another village is to consume its members within a brutal and offensive manner.
    X - In any war, there are always 2 sides fighting. Whether for political power, or territorial aspects, a war’s only concern is the downfall of one side.

    1. Any of the following reason’s are/can be used as objectives in wars:
      - Envy/Jealousy against one village (eg. In terms of the village’s state/economy)
      - Purely based on a village’s want to destroy another village’s territory
      - Territorial basis/want of each village (eg. To gain another territory after each member of a village is utterly wiped out)
      - To bring down the current leader of that village and assume the political power of the village
      - Rivalry between villages that can’t be talked over in a peaceful manner
      - Power that is only seen with the downfall of another village
      - Political issues between the leaders of the villages
      - BOREDOM of one village that results in the utter want of people to go on war(!)

    [ Declaration of War ]

    http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/declaration wrote:

    Declaration - A written or oral indication of a fact, opinion, or belief.

    X - Simply put, a declaration of war is a written statement which informs the defending village of the attacking village’s want in waging war against them.
    X - The Declaration of War is a way to formalize any war a village would like to have with another village.

    1. The village wishing to declare war must send a full war treaty to the defending village.
    2. - A declaration of war is subjected to be assessed by the defending village. Whether they accept it or not is not an issue as the attacking village will strike without much more of a whimper.
    3. - The only time a declaration of war is ultimately not needed is when the following occurs:
    4. - An assassination attempt to someone of high authority (or someone) happens to the opposing village done by a member of the attacking village;
    5. - A traitor of the defending village reveals him/herself and sides with the attacking village; or
    6. - An inside job done by one member of either the attacking village or the defending village to the village they want to wage war with.

    [ Main War Rules ]

    [ Entering a territory – Through the Gates ]

    A war starts with the attacking village/s posting at the village gate of the defending village. To be able to enter the village, one must be able to pass the gates and to be able to do so; either peacefully pass through or force your way by battling the guards. Guards of villages are either chuunins on duty or jounins so any ninja with a lower rank than the aforementioned ranks cannot, in any way, beat them unless one of a higher rank helps them.

    A NPC guard is controlled by a member of the defending village and not of the attacking village since the attacking village member tends to kill off the NPC, whether the rank is lower or higher than him or her.

    [ Entering a territory – Through other means ]

    There are always other means by which the attacking village can enter the territory of the defending village.

    Majority of villages have high walls surrounding their entire and while there are guards in the front gates, some jounins scout the walkways above the walls.

    If the attacking village cannot go through the gates, other options include:
    - Scaling the walls of the defending village;
    - Tearing it down (eg. Blowing it up with)
    - Sieges by the attacking village to the defending village’s stronghold
    - Find another way in (eg. Entering through the skies via flying, through a water way, underground (though this one is way impossible) etc.)

    Once the attacking village successfully enters the territory, they will find themselves at the farthest end of the village and to make their way towards their destination, undoubtedly the Kage’s residence, will have to fight battles

    [ Battling ]

    In battling, it’s always easier for a 1vs1 battle to happen, since this helps in the supervision of each battle by the Battle Mods. There are certain times, though, that a {x}vs{y} battle may occur, the ratio being 2:1, because of the unnatural difference in each village ranks.

    In a scenario like that, each person will have to post after another one posts;

    (eg. 3 players named Bob, Adam and Gary are battling wherein Bob and Adam are comrades and their enemy is Gary. The turn post will be:

    { Bob then Gary then Adam then Gary then Bob then Gary then Adam } until the fight is over)

    It is always a turn-based system wherein people must post after their opponents post. There are times that the ratio changes for 2:1 to 2:2 or 3:2 etc. In cases like those, it’s best to remember that a person posts and waits until all other included in the topic post.

    Sometimes, there are times wherein one person won’t post an amount of time, giving annoyance to the other people waiting. In these cases, one should adhere to the following:

    1. Fighting/Battle still apply.
    2. In a battle topic, the turn-based posting applies.
    3. In case one person fails to post for a minimum of 2 days starting from his/her time of postage, those whom are also posting in the topic can skip him and continue on with posting. When the poster does come back and wishes to post, he must wait his original turn prior to his leave.

      (eg. Bob, Gary, Todd and Rick are fighting in one topic. Bob and Gary are comrades and so are Rick and Todd. The arrangement is:

      - Bob
      - Todd
      - Gary
      - Rick

      The fight ensues and all posters post. After a couple of days though, Gary stops posting. The other 3 wait for him to post. Gary doesn’t post for 3 days prior to his last post in the topic.

      The arrangement turns into:

      - Bob
      - Todd
      - Rick

      Wherein Rick and Todd are comrades and they’re fighting Bob.

      When Gary does return, he must wait until it is his time to post again prior to his leave. So, if the poster on his return is Rick, Gary has to wait for Bob and Todd to post before him)

    4. If one person becomes inactive, (Note: Doesn’t post for a number of days… and not just 2 days) the inactive person either:

      -Dies (Check this thread for queries);
      - Falls unconscious randomly;
      - He was NEVER there;
      - Battle restarts with new participant in place of the inactive one; or
      - The opponent wins automatically if there are no more adversaries in the topic

      First four (c) Seto

      (eg. Gary and Tom are fighting Joe. The posting order is;

      - Gary
      - Joe
      - Tom
      - Joe

      Joe goes inactive. Gary and Tom are left. In this case, Gary and Tom win the battle since Joe was their opponent and one of the first four reasons for his inactivity.)

      Example (c) Daro

    5. If one battle topic is finished (And by finished, I mean either an opponent is killed, unconcious or has just fled from battle), a person can join another battle. To join another battle one must PM the topic creator and a battle mod about joining the battle topic so they can arrange the posting order.

      (eg. Gary, Bob, Todd and Rick are fighting. Gary and Bob are comrades while Rick and Todd are the same. They fight in this oder:

      - Gary
      - Todd
      - Bob
      - Rick

      In another topic, Ron and Walter are fighting too. Ron wins against Walter when he suddenly decides to kill him. Because he wants to help his comrades, which are Bob and Gary, he joins their topic. He must PM a battle mod and the topic creator. The posting order now is:

      - Gary [ 1 ]
      - Todd [ 2 ]
      - Bob [ 3 ]
      - Rick [ 4 ]
      - Ron [ 5 ]
      - Todd [ 2 ]
      - Gary [ 1 ]
      - Rick [ 4 ]
      - Bob [ 3 ]
      - Todd [ 2 ]
      - Ron [ 5 ]
      - etc...)

    [ NPC - Numbers ]

    X - One of the harder things to control are NPCs. Either only a few of them or masses. A war is not a war if there are only a few people involved in it.

    The only people that are capable of controlling NPCs are the Kage’s of the village. Simply put, they control the generals who are suppose lead these characters.

    The number of NPCs are unknown though. And of course, making up a number to satisfy a village’s want won’t actually do.

    Each person will have a corresponding number of people that are equivalent to them, to balance the number of people in a village in terms of active characters and NPCs. The ratio of the equivalence is {x} to {y} wherein {x} is 1 and {y} is 10

    X - Active means that the person has been logging in the site for the past 2 days and is also posting, even a little bit of OOC in the random section of the forum.

    To determine the number of NPCs of a village:

    Step 1] Multiply the number of “ACTIVE” persons in the village to 10

    “ACTIVE” persons per village [times] 10 = {X} wherein {X} is the number of NPC a village has.

    (eg. Konoha has “7” active people. That will give them an army of 70 people that the Kage can control)

    So the number of NPCs can actually be dependent on the number of active people a village has. Whether or not a village has no active people is not my problem anymore. How the kage controls the NPCs, depends with him.

    [ NPC - ANBU ] (c) Seto

    In times of war, when the Gates have been broken through by opposing armies, or the Kage has been threatened, the ANBU will be controlled by the Village Leader and have the following orders:

    1. In Defense
    - Protect the Kage
    - Retake the Gate
    - Stop advancing Enemies
    - Search and destroy a certain target
    - Other (Special and major items which are not included)

    2. In Attack
    - Protect Kage
    - Take the Gate/Special location
    - Forward attack
    - Search and Destroy a Certain Target
    - Other (Same as above)

    This would allow the ANBU to actually have include-ment, and would also make them somewhat limited, not being allowed into the Battle Until certain conditions are met. After all, the ANBU would not be needed if the Gate guards are able to stop a normal army..

    [ Fleeing ]

    http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/flee wrote:

    Flee - to run away; to escape.

    X - Fleeing basically is leaving a fight/war/saving one’s life by running away.

    Fleeing a battle or war is a cowardly thing to do but there are times wherein one has to swallow his/her pride in order to live. To flee in a battle, a person just has to post that he/she is leaving.

    (eg. Carl and Ron are fighting in one topic. Carl realizes that Ron is too strong for him and tries to leave the topic. He posts his last post and leaves the topic.)

    In the example above, Ron can opt to follow Carl and try to finish him off before he truly leaves the village. He can also let Carl leave.

    If one leaves a battle, and tries to leave a village, a person has to remember to pass the gates.

    [ Ending a War ]

    A war ends when:
    1. The attacking village is successful with its mission in starting the war;
    2. The attaching village members are ALL killed;
    3. The defending village members are ALL killed;
    4. The defending village surrenders to the attacking village;
    5. A peace treaty is made between the villages. (Very unlikely, but you never know);
    6. The attacking village retreats; and
    7. Other reasons.
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    Guide - War Procedures
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